L E A D E R S H I P 
Debbie nicely
Associate pastor / Women’s ministry director 
Pastor Rocky has served the body of Christ in various capacities including usher, armor bearer, and elder; as well as mentoring and ministering to married couples with his wife Debbie. He has a heart to disciple believers as they grow in their walk with Jesus. In 2012, Pastor Rocky answered the call to serve the Church through full-time ministry. Pastor Rocky and Debbie are committed to you and your walk with Jesus. Pastor Debbie also serves the body through mentoring, teaching women and assisting in daily operations of the church.






Charlie wells

Helps ministry director / board member

serves the body by ensuring everyone who visits or comes to the church is greeted and cared for in a hospitable manner. assists with the governing of the body by sitting on the board.

David Blankenship

serves the body through spiritual council and helps ensure the overall health of members and visitors. Also serves as the church’s interim secretary.






Tommy Blankenship

 Audio / Video director

serves the body through audio and visual aids for both inside the church and representing the church to the community via all social media platforms. 






Eric Mills

men’s ministry Director

serves the body through disciplining men by the word of God and practical teachings enabling men to be men according to the word of God.